Monday, 27 November 2017

Where is the sun??

Well, its been a very dark week or so-- and today is really bad. 
As you can imagine its very hard to sew nearly invisible tulle with invisible threads in this awful dark light. I like to work in daylight and my sewing area is in a room with a massive bay window so I get lots of light, but even there at this time of year, it's just so difficult to see.

So it was really nice today to receive some fantastic photos from one of my real brides- Jenna.
Her veil is a single layer 100" - classed as a cathedral length - with the "Rachel" stitched edge -or pencil edge all around.

Hope you enjoy these fab photos- makes you just that bit happier on these dull dark cold days!

 I love to see photos of the bridesmaids too!!! 

Thank you so much Jenna for letting me see your photos-

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Morning!--- Ohhh sorry its afternoon !? - where do the days go?

As any of you who have been looking at my site will know, I have been making wedding capes for a few years now.
I have made quite a few for brides but it obviously is a specific addition to a dress.
When I created my first cape it was a sort of accident- I was making a veil and after I had cut it out I found a big flaw in the tulle- so having lost my temper (I sometimes do that!!) I grabbed it up off the table & it caught on the table edge and ripped in a very nice line--- as it turned out! I saw that it looked a bit like a poncho & I pulled it over my head---- & there you go--- the rest is history.
I make various types of capes- and I am enlarging the collection all the time. most of them have lace around including around the neck - but now I have made some with satin binding around and some just with the stitched, or pencil edge.
 I have just received one of my trade magazines giving insights to next years collections and lo & behold- there looks like there will be alot of capes around in the coming years.
So here are a few of mine for you to have a nosey at.
A beautiful Spanish lace long cape. (Photo by Jo Bradbury Photography)

 Here is a double layered satin edged short cape- this one ties at the front (Photo by  Jaime Vickerstaff photography)
 I can make them in black too- nice for an evening dress. (Photo by Vickerstaff Photography)

 My real bride wearing her long cape with French lace all around.

 How about a dotted tulle cape??


 One of my Spanish lace capes displayed at a wedding fair.
 Corina wearing her Spanish lace cape - the lace is now named after her because she was the first to order anything using this new lace.


Now---- here is a sneaky peek of a new type of cape- it just drapes across the back and over the shoulders. This attaches to the shoulder straps on the dress.

 NOW --- ssshhhh.... here is the sneaky piccy of my bride wearing it at her dress fitting. Don't say anything as shes not married yet ! But she has promised me lots of professional photos after her big day.
I am now going to expand the collection with some similar to the new one shown above. I have a few ideas and I will post the first samples on the blog as soon as I have made them.

Thanks for reading- if you are interested in a cape - mail or ring me and we can discuss your ideas.


Sunday, 12 November 2017

Wedding Fairs.

I often attend and exhibit at wedding fairs around my local area of Manchester/Cheshire.
I have been attending The Wedding Fair at Event City Manchester for a few years, this is the largest fair I exhibit at.
It takes a lot of hard work to present at any wedding fair, and because I make so many different types and styles of veils it very hard to choose what to take to display.
The Event City fair is two days of brides queuing up at my stand to chat, look at and to try veils on.
It takes a few weeks to sort out what I am going to take to a big two day fair like that one-- and here are three photos of the stand -- finished as all the brides see it-- but the first photos of when all the stuff has been dropped and ready for work to commence-- then another photo of the work in progress!!!

SO much work-- but such fun and it is so lovely to meet all the happy excited brides!

 Stuff all dropped off and ready for sorting.
 Along with step ladders- a chair to sit on is a necessity !!
 The finished stand!

and here --- let me introduce you to my helpers.....
My daughter Emma (& corporate model on the site)
 And my beautiful daughter-in-law Jaime 

These two I cannot do without! I need so much help at these big fairs as because there is lots of room around my stand I can let brides try on veils.As you can imagine it is sometimes bedlam- but it definitely makes the day pass quickly.
I will post on the blog any dates of fairs that I will be attending- so keep a look out!
Thanks for reading.

My first blog post

here I am completing my first blog post. This is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time but my brides keep me busy all the time- so as its starting to get quiet on the run up to Christmas I thought now would be a good time to get this done.
I have incorpoated it into my website and so far all seems to be going well!