Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Heres what I've been up to this month.

COLOURS !!!!!!!

A beautiful bright yellow birdcage veil was made for a special bride getting married in a very special place ...... watch this space!! 

You can have any colour of net for a birdcage veil. I have quite a few of the usual nets in stock but I can easily source other colours of needs be.

A single layer, cascade cut, satin bound veil in navy! How utterly amazing is this?? 

Now these veils are for brides who haven't yet got married so I am hoping that they remember me and send me their photos of these veils in action. SO watch this space...

This months real brides photos - so far..

 Jayne in her double layer "Holly" satin wired edge veil-- so cute!!!

 Jenna in her 42" satin bound cascade cut veil
 Dorraine in her "Brooke" birdcage veil
 Maryam in her soft silk lace flat veil. Here I re-created Kate Middleton- Duchess of Cambridge's wedding veil. Difficult but I actually managed it!

I hope you have a great August bank holiday weekend, and to all my brides this next few weeks-- ENJOY, and al th every best.


Monday, 2 July 2018

Over the last two months -I have been busy creating new items.
Here is a quick low-down of the first addition.
A simple single veil with a silver star around the edge.

 A little two layer veil with pom-pom edging, available in white or ivory
 A simple cut edge veil with the word "Bride" stuck on- this example is rose gold but I do have silver and multi colour. This sticker could also be added to any veil.

 A two layer dotted tulle veil with pom pom edging.

These veils cost from £10 to £12. They are a slightly more "up-market" type of hen party veil, and are made from the real tulle I make the wedding veils from, so are top quality.

Just browse the site page and contact me if I can help you further,

Margaret xx

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The First Communion season in the UK is well underway and I'm getting lots of photos through of some beautiful girls.
So here are some....

Above set of photos are beautiful Eabha wearing her "Mairi" lace mantilla veil

 Mia wearing her two layered "Evangelica" slim lace veil with the lace cross

 Bea wearing her "Heba" lace mantilla veil.
 Emma wearing her "Victoria" lace mantilla veil

 Ruby wearing her "Heba" lace mantilla veil

Lots more to come --- I will post them in the next few months.
Thank you to all my beautiful First Holy Communicants, God Bless to you all xxx

Friday, 11 May 2018

I have added embroidered wedding garters to my site.
There are two types,
the wider lace which is wide enough to have the brides new name and date underneath, and a slimmer one which can only have the name embroidered on.
The wider lace is available in white or ivory but the slim lace is only available in white.
It has elastic stitched around it but not where the embroidery is so that will remain flat on the leg and will be readable!! 
They all come in different sizes to accommodate slim or wider legs.
The embroidery can also be in whichever colour the bride chooses- although most brides have been having them in the royal blue so to give them their "Something blue"
A real brides garter.
They are available in different sizes - small 15"- 20", medium 21" - 25" & large 25"+
The double embroidered garter is £20 and the single embroidered garter is £18

So If I can make you a garter just mail me-

Monday, 5 March 2018

Basil 4.11.1999 - 2.09.2018

In early September I had to say goodbye to my beautiful handsome boy- Basil who was nearly 18.
I had had him all that time- straight from his mum along with his sister Myrtle- who passed away at the age of 9 with the dreaded kidney disease.
So Baz has been with me all the way through my Dream Veils journey. Fortunately he passed away in his sleep so I didn't have to  take that awful last trip to the vets which I had organised for the following morning.
I have been very lost without a fur baby to chat to and look after. The house is just too quiet, nothing to greet me- nothing to come home to........... but I had already decided to spend Christmas with my Daughter in London then my big planned trip to South Africa to visit my brother end Jan- so Ive had to wait until now to get a new baby.

So here is the new addition to the Dream Veils family... Molly
Well actually - I was told she was a "he" -so her first name was Colin. -- but she has now been correctly named.
Shes my real Slinky Malinky- if you've ever read any of those children's books.
She is very very good, a real devil though- into everything and she is not allowed in certain "Veil" rooms.
Molly is filling that little hole that Baz has left- she has big boots to fill but she's getting there!!!

Ok - off to post some veils to my brides-to-be.


Monday, 27 November 2017

Where is the sun??

Well, its been a very dark week or so-- and today is really bad. 
As you can imagine its very hard to sew nearly invisible tulle with invisible threads in this awful dark light. I like to work in daylight and my sewing area is in a room with a massive bay window so I get lots of light, but even there at this time of year, it's just so difficult to see.

So it was really nice today to receive some fantastic photos from one of my real brides- Jenna.
Her veil is a single layer 100" - classed as a cathedral length - with the "Rachel" stitched edge -or pencil edge all around.

Hope you enjoy these fab photos- makes you just that bit happier on these dull dark cold days!

 I love to see photos of the bridesmaids too!!! 

Thank you so much Jenna for letting me see your photos-

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Morning!--- Ohhh sorry its afternoon !? - where do the days go?

As any of you who have been looking at my site will know, I have been making wedding capes for a few years now.
I have made quite a few for brides but it obviously is a specific addition to a dress.
When I created my first cape it was a sort of accident- I was making a veil and after I had cut it out I found a big flaw in the tulle- so having lost my temper (I sometimes do that!!) I grabbed it up off the table & it caught on the table edge and ripped in a very nice line--- as it turned out! I saw that it looked a bit like a poncho & I pulled it over my head---- & there you go--- the rest is history.
I make various types of capes- and I am enlarging the collection all the time. most of them have lace around including around the neck - but now I have made some with satin binding around and some just with the stitched, or pencil edge.
 I have just received one of my trade magazines giving insights to next years collections and lo & behold- there looks like there will be alot of capes around in the coming years.
So here are a few of mine for you to have a nosey at.
A beautiful Spanish lace long cape. (Photo by Jo Bradbury Photography)

 Here is a double layered satin edged short cape- this one ties at the front (Photo by  Jaime Vickerstaff photography)
 I can make them in black too- nice for an evening dress. (Photo by Vickerstaff Photography)

 My real bride wearing her long cape with French lace all around.

 How about a dotted tulle cape??


 One of my Spanish lace capes displayed at a wedding fair.
 Corina wearing her Spanish lace cape - the lace is now named after her because she was the first to order anything using this new lace.


Now---- here is a sneaky peek of a new type of cape- it just drapes across the back and over the shoulders. This attaches to the shoulder straps on the dress.

 NOW --- ssshhhh.... here is the sneaky piccy of my bride wearing it at her dress fitting. Don't say anything as shes not married yet ! But she has promised me lots of professional photos after her big day.
I am now going to expand the collection with some similar to the new one shown above. I have a few ideas and I will post the first samples on the blog as soon as I have made them.

Thanks for reading- if you are interested in a cape - mail or ring me and we can discuss your ideas.